Unique patent solid fog formula cold technology

Smart Security System for the Modern World

Integrate with all your security system
Yenom Fog Protector integrates with your security devices
providing a more secured business and home

Yenom Fog Protector

Protection Against Intruders and Burglaries for Every Home and Business

Improving the safety of home and business is our concern. As one of the premier providers of smart technologies, we are globally recognized acorss the globe by our innovative products and excellent customer relation

Our Yenom Fog installers will assist you with installation and activation of your new security device.

According to Forbes Advisor

In correspondence to the burglary facts and stats written in Forbes, it was discovered that;

Over 1M

burglaries occur in the United States each year.


of homeowners don’t have a home security system.


of homes in the U.S. will be broken into in the next 20 years.


of home burglaries are repeated within six weeks.

More Protection with


Smart Home Security

Professional Installation

24/7 Security

Buglary Sensor Detector

Business and Home Consultation

Protect what

Matters Most to You

Every Seconds Count

Get extra layer of protector with newest security technology and reduce the probability of crime happening In your home or business

Loss of life

Self defense


Mental Anxiety and Trauma

Insurance liability

Yenom Fog Protector is manufactured by the World’s Leading Cold Security Fog Products.

Relying on leading military product technology, Jingtai Fog generator won the Grand Prize of Innovative security product in China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2016.

As the global leader in security fog industry, JINGTAI security fog specially showed its full Anti-burglar fogging alarm system in North America in 2019

Jungtai Security fog attended the ISC WEST Security Exhibition in SANDS EXPO of LAS VEGAS,United States.

In 2018, Jingtai Technology won the great attention in 2018 CPSE Exhibition

Jingtai Technology signed the only right of legitimate source of the security fog technology

Smarter Way to Protect Your Home and Business

Burglars are always experienced. When they hear an activated burglar alarm, they know there’s an unavoidable time gap between leaving with your valuables and police or security guards arrival at the scene.

More and more companies and private citizens are aware of conventional security systems are not effective enough. An alarm does not stop burglars, but only sends out a signal to someone afar. Surveillance cameras do not stop burglars, but only record them.

Yenom Fog Protector offer what most security companies don’t!  Crime prevention. We create a dynamic change from PASSIVE to ACTIVE! Upgrading your security systems to ensure an instant reaction to any emergency.


Yenom Fog Protector

Smarter Home and Business Security with Access Control Installation


Yenom Fog Protector is the fastest security fogging device on the market with 30 cubic meters of fog per second. No need hearting time with 1 second discharge dense fog, 3 seconds protect key area, 5 seconds completely filled with 50 m³.

Innovative patented Technology

Global-First,Yenom Fog Protector, owning Solid food grade security fog made formula, unique cold smoke technology, which stops burglars and robbers in seconds! Burglars can't steal what they can't see.


Yenom Fog Protector is non - corrosive, non - residue, and biodegradable and is completely harmless to humans and animals; it will not affect clothing, furnishings and electrical equipment.

Good investment

Yenom Fog Protector is your best investment with low operating costs, it gives a rapid return on your investment, and comes complete with up to 2 year warranty.

Market leader

Yenom Fog Protector security are installed for customers as Network alarm operation business: such as: jewelry store, luxury stores, middle-sized supermarket, bank etc.

Top Questions asked by our customers

Our security fog protector is made of solid dry formula with food-grade, which adopts cold smoke technology developed by PLA institute of chemical protection. Our product has been extensively tested in laboratories and proved to be safe.  

No! Yenom Fog Protector is harmless to





Electrical Equipment


Providing Security Solution Across the United States

We partner with you to implement a scalable integrated security solution that addresses tough security challenges by implementing event driven automation and powerful solution

For Installers

Trusted and Certified Installers

Our experts  have undertaken system projects of all sizes and scope , whether you need security system integration for corporate office or retail stores, an enterprise solution for your multiple manufacturing buildings, or a complex integration for a large home, Our certified installers ensures your security installations integrates with the Yenom Fog Protector.

For U.S Citizens Only (must be insured)

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