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not determined by rules, but left to one`s own judgment or choice; Discretion: These features make aerospace eyewear especially useful now, while my local mountain, Mount Ashland, Oregon, strictly enforces a mask requirement on lift lines. Law enforcement means ensuring that laws and rules are followed. So, those guys wearing striped outfits and whistles? You are responsible for enforcing the rules of the game. Questions about choosing an ideal word or phrase should include information about how it will be used to get an answer. For help writing a good word or phrase request, see: About one-word requests If you have a set of rules that no one follows because of a lack of enforcement, but on rare occasions when a rule is broken, for the convenience of the decision-maker, does they discipline for breaking that rule? One could say that the application of the rules is completely arbitrary Do you see the word force in the application? This can help you remember that the app is about forcing others to follow the rules. Traffic police enforce driving laws by handing out speeding tickets. Hopefully your parents will apply good behavior by grounding you if you stay out late. It would be wonderful if everyone followed the rules on their own, but it seems that the temptation to be bad is just too strong. Thank God for all the doers who keep us in line. They could impose on them a complete abolition of inheritance and inheritance.

That is the suggestion I wanted to make in this section. according to one`s own preferences, ideas, moods, etc.; capricious: So everything that has been said tends to strengthen the culture of imagination. In law, selective enforcement exists when state agents such as police, prosecutors or regulatory bodies exercise enforcement discretion, i.e. the power to decide whether and how a person who has broken the law is punished. The biased use of discretion in law enforcement, for example due to racial bias or corruption, is generally considered an abuse of rights and a threat to the rule of law. Or at least, he would have simply expressed his wish that I adopt the name without going so far as to impose it. Subscribe to America`s largest dictionary and get thousands of other definitions and an advanced search – ad-free! The act of correcting a person for his inappropriate actions, for crossing the line to show your dominance over him or to make him know his place His task was to enforce the continental system and closely monitor Prussia. A “rule or standard of good” behavior that is “wrongly” expected of some people to follow or “perform, but others” are not. It was left to nature to enforce what Garin could not achieve. In all cases, politics can impose equality and promote equal opportunities. Although it was now a law, it was a law that no one had yet to apply. Sudden and unexplained changes in mood or behavior are given.

`A capricious and often brutal administration` Parliament collected stamp duty but could not enforce it. Webster`s New World College Dictionary Copyright at© 2010 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. I have heard that this is capricious, even if it does not exactly fit the definition. This happened quite often in the army. Often there was an obscure rule or rule that no one cared about (or even knew), but was vigorously enforced to “lazy” or “fools” or those who were considered disrespectful. We called this a “setting adjustment.” It was supposed to correct other, often completely different, behaviors that officials didn`t like, but couldn`t do anything else about it. Someone or something uncertain, undecided and hesitant, or someone who can`t decide. There is a double standard, the application of different principles to similar situations. CIM has therefore turned to the market to enforce these safeguards.

The general term is selective application. This is true in situations where there are various reasons (some morally better/more defensible than others) behind what may superficially appear to be an inconsistent practice. As a result, orders were issued to enforce the Shipping Act. I would simply say that the rule is applied arbitrarily. “Strength.” Merriam-Webster.com thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/enforce. Retrieved 5 January 2022. As Edwin Ashworth pointed out, the definition on Wikipedia is more general and can better suit your needs: this definition from the urban dictionary describes it, the last part “let them know their place” seems to be the most common reason. Since you are looking for a rule applied to some people but not others, the most appropriate description for this is a double standard: people often forget that the National Panhellenic Council imposed racial segregation through strict codes and laws.

Nglish: Translation of enforce for Spanish speakers The NBA has a rule that players must stand up for the anthem, but it has refused to enforce it in recent years. I have been chosen by you to execute and enforce the laws of the land. He will atone for as little as we can force Him. “Given the number of events taking place across the UK, it will probably be difficult to implement,” Sutton said. If he can get something, he cannot claim it under his contract because he broke it and therefore a court could not enforce it. He had to enforce laws that some considered unfair. The old dog clung to her like a crest, and she couldn`t bring herself to pick up a stick to force obedience. In some cases, selective application may be desirable.

For example, a verbal warning to a teen can effectively change their behavior without resorting to legal sanction and with the added benefit of reducing government legal fees. In other cases, selective enforcement may be unavoidable. For example, it may be impractical for police officers to issue tickets to every driver they observe exceeding the speed limit, so they may have no choice but to limit measures to the most egregious examples of reckless driving.

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