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Commercial Property Loans by financing Rental, Investment, Business and Real Estate. We offer flexible terms to borrowers to secure new properties, improve the value of an existing property, or to secure capital from equity in commercial real estate for business purposes.

We work with ALL TYPES OF BORROWERS with all types of credit and provide Loans. The commercial real estate landscape can be difficult to traverse on your own, but Acire23 Network can help you quickly navigate the most expedient course to secure financing for any of the following:

Our loans are backed by the value of existing real estate and are often used for a variety of investment properties. Our loan services also serves small and large businesses for company growth and expansion, cash flow, bridge loans, new construction, mobilization, multifamily purchase, long-term rental improvement, fix-and-flip and more.

Acire23 Network works with non- traditional hard money lender. We typically provide loans for longer terms that are more flexible than hard money loans and we do not base lending amounts or repayment terms on your credit score or income amount. A loan-to-value ratio of the loan is used to determine these. Simply stated, the higher the value of the property, the more money you can secure in a loan.

This is the primary difference in our loan service when closely compared to that of a traditional bank or mortgage loan whose loan decisions are often based off credit scores and income. Our loan process exceedingly flexible with superior flexibility. We offer Interest-Only, Balloon Payment at Maturity, and Fully Amortizing loans. Our loan repayment structure typically runs from one to five years.

These terms are designed to get you the property or cash-out loan you need in the most expedient manner possible. The majority of our clients either refinance the loan with a more traditional lender down the road or sell the property before maturity. Some refinance into a similar loan at term’s end. Either way, our loans are designed to bridge a capital gap or to take advantage of opportunities that require swift and decisive action. We typically close our loans within 2-4 days. And if we don’t provide the type of loan you need, we likely know the company that does.



You’re good at your line of work and have finally earned a reputation for being one of the best. The phone is ringing, your company is growing and operating at a profit, but cash flow gets tighter each month and you’re turning down good projects because you know you could get over your head with your suppliers and maybe miss payroll. The economy finally looks brighter and there will be a lot more opportunity in the coming year, but how can you get past the contractor conundrum to grow and have the cash flow to pay suppliers and employees?

Acire23 Network Lending
Associates Contractor
Funding Solution

With our Contractor Funding Solution, we advance you funds as you submit your pay application/invoice to your General Contractor or job owner, and we are the ones who wait to be paid. Our advance funding provides the necessary cash flow to pay labor costs, suppliers, taxes and any other working capital needs. With a reliable and well-capitalized financial resource funding your pay applications through your projects, the accounts receivable once held hostage for extended time periods can be released to you in advance to help accelerate the growth of your company. As an added benefit, we can provide a letter of assurance to your GC that proves your financial ability to manage and complete your job without cash flow challenges.



Our program is tailored for contractors seeking transition financing. This includes both new and mature companies looking to fund growth or companies that are experiencing other challenges as well. The contractors we typically finance experience the following:

- Subcontractor bidding jobs with General Contractor

- Monthly Progress Billing

- Funding Needs of $100,000 to $5,000,000

- Near Term Projects

Are You Ready To Discuss A Credit Facility To Fund Your Pay Applications As You Turn Them In Rather Than Waiting Weeks To Be Paid By Your General Contractor? Contact Us Today Acire23 Network Has Associates Programs For Financing Commercial Subcontractors Nationwide.

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