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Creating a home inventory will help ensure that you have purchased enough insurance to replace your personal possessions. It can also speed the claims process, substantiate losses for income tax purposes and is helpful should you need to apply for disaster aid. In the event you need to evacuate, be sure your home inventory is among the important documents you take with you.

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Hurricanes take a toll on businesses too, so be prepared. Create an Emergency business response and continuity plan. In the event of a hurricane, this will help your business quickly recover. Keep contact information for employees, suppliers and vendors current so you can check on their wellbeing and communicate next steps for resuming normal business operations. Review your business insurance policies in order to understand what’s covered.

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Don’t wait until a disaster happens! Get prepared with Acire23 Network Disaster Management Team. Schedule your Pre- Disaster Home or Business Certified Assessment. Don’t take the risk of not having the correct documentation and proof that supports your insurance claim. Our team understand disasters and the stress of emergency relocation, FEMA claims, and the rebuilding process.  We will be with you every step of the way.

Disaster Management

The cost of natural disasters to property owners, insurance companies, and the United States government can be substantial and varies significantly depending on the severity and frequency of disasters in a given period. These costs encompass various aspects:

Property Owners

Natural disasters can result in significant financial losses for property owners due to damages to homes, buildings, personal belongings, and the costs associated with repairs, rebuilding, or even complete replacement of properties.

Insurance Companies

Insurers incur substantial payouts for property damage claims caused by natural disasters. Catastrophic events such as hurricanes, wildfires, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes can lead to billions of dollars in insurance claims.

Government Spending

The United States government allocates considerable resources to disaster relief efforts, including emergency response, infrastructure repairs, aid to affected individuals and communities, and mitigation initiatives to prevent future damages. These costs can reach billions of dollars following major disasters.

According to reports from entities like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) or the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the cumulative cost of natural disasters in the United States has been rising over the years due to factors like climate change, population growth, and urban development in vulnerable areas. For instance, major hurricanes, wildfires, and severe storms have contributed significantly to these costs.

While precise figures vary year by year, the expenses associated with natural disasters can run into tens of billions of dollars annually, impacting property owners, insurance companies, and government budgets. The costs emphasize the importance of disaster preparedness, mitigation measures, and effective insurance coverage for property owners and the need for government policies aimed at reducing the impact of these events on communities and economies. 

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